Vanliga Frågor om Kompressorsystem

Välkommen till vår FAQ-sida om Gast:s kompressorsystem! Vi har samlat de vanligaste frågorna och svaren för att hjälpa dig förstå mer om dessa högpresterande och pålitliga kompressorer. Oavsett om du är ny kund eller har använt våra produkter i flera år, hoppas vi att du hittar den information du behöver här. Om du har ytterligare frågor, tveka inte att kontakta oss – vi är här för att hjälpa dig!

I own a Jun-Air OF1202 tank system and I need a complete replacement system. What's the difference between the OF1202 and the 120R?

The OF1202 has been phased out and replaced by the 120R. The 120R was designed as a direct replacement to perform at the same level or better than the OF1202.

I currently own a Jun-Air OF1202 system and I need a replacement compressor. The OF1202 is no longer available. Can I use a 120R?

Yes, the 120R was designed to integrate into any system that uses an OF1202. We have created a retrofit model to make the changeover as easy as possible. Please refer to 120R689-P102M-N800NX.

What's the difference between GAST and Jun-Air?

In 2006, GAST acquired Jun-Air, a leading provider in quiet compressors and cabinet systems. In 2009, the Jun-Air product line relocated to our Benton Harbor, Michigan USA manufacturing facility and continues to be built side-by-side GAST compressors and pumps.

Where is my 120R made?

The 120R is manufactured in Benton Harbor, Michigan USA.

How do I keep my 120R running at the same performance it left the factory?

Following the GAST recommended service intervals will help keep your compressor running at peak performance. We recommend service using a GAST 120R Preventative maintenance Kit (part number: K1027) every 2000 hours or every 2 years and the GAST 120R Service Kit (part number: K1028) at 6000 hours or 5 years, whichever comes first.

I am an OEM looking to specify a custom 120R configuration for my needs. What customization options are available?

GAST offers custom solutions factory direct and through our authorized distribution network. Custom options available, but are not limited to: wiring and connectors, capacitor mounting and covers, port configurations, alternative mufflers and filters, pressure gauges and regulators, and bulk packaging. Please consult the factory ( or find a local distributor to inquire further.