Vanliga Frågor om Rocking Piston Kompressorer

Välkommen till vår FAQ-sida om Gast:s oljefria rocking piston kompressorer! Vi har samlat de vanligaste frågorna och svaren för att hjälpa dig förstå mer om dessa högpresterande och pålitliga kompressorer. Oavsett om du är ny kund eller har använt våra produkter i flera år, hoppas vi att du hittar den information du behöver här. Om du har ytterligare frågor, tveka inte att kontakta oss – vi är här för att hjälpa dig!

Can water be pumped through my unit?

  • No, clean dry air only.

I am an OEM looking to specify a custom 86R or 87R configuration for my needs. What customization options are available?

  • GAST offers custom solutions factory direct and through our authorized distribution network. Custom options available, but are not limited to: wiring & connectors, capacitor mounting & covers, port configurations, alternative mufflers and filters, pressure gauges & regulators, and bulk packaging.

Does my 86R or 87R compressor or pump come from the factory with Sound Shield installed?

  • There are a few answers. Sound Shield is offered as an aftermarket upgrade to be installed yourself or at an authorized GAST distributor. Over time, GAST plans to introduce new 86R and 87R models with Sound Shield installed at the factory so please consult your local GAST distributor for availability. However, customers looking to buy GAST 86R or 86R models in bulk can consult the factory to consider creating a unique SKU with Sound Shield installed.

If I install Sound Shield, does it affect my factory warranty?

  • If properly fitted and operated under normal conditions of use, the remainder of the factory warranty will continue with Sound Shield installed.

How do I keep my 86R or 87R running at the same performance it left the factory?

  • Following the GAST recommended service intervals will help keep your compressor running at peak performance. We recommend service using a GAST Service Kit, as shown above in BUY KITS & ACCESSORIES every 2000 hours or every 2 years, whichever comes first. Additionally, if fitted with Sound Shield, the AS321 Silencers should be replaced during the same interval period.

Does Sound Shield cause an increase in temperatures in or around the compressor or pump?

  • Each compressor or pump configuration yields slightly different results, however, GAST testing has shown either a reduction in exhaust temperature or negligible temperature changes. Please consult the factory for specific model temperature data.

How does Sound Shield affect life of the 86R or 87R?

  • There is no impact to the life of the unit when proper preventative maintenance is performed. We recommend replacing our Sound Shield AS321 Silencers every 2000 hours or 2 years, whichever comes first.

Does Sound Shield impact air flow for either pressure or vacuum configurations?

  • Each compressor or pump configuration yields slightly different results, however, GAST testing has shown that vacuum models see negligible changes while pressure models see minimal changes in flow. Please consult the factory for specific model flow data.

Can additional filters be added to an 86R or 87R that has already been fitted with Sound Shield?

  • No, the internal silencer located within Sound Shield takes up the entire port; therefore, additional mufflers or filters cannot be added.